Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dirty South climbing trip

The southern climbing and bouldering trip or(tour of the dirty south) is December 28th- January 1st. This is a one week long climbers dream. By the end of the week you will have been to Rock town Georgia, Horse Pins 40 Alabama, and last but not least the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. All of these places are world class climbing destinations and have plenty of climbing for beginners and for advanced climbers. This trip is full of great climbing, good people, and new experiences. You might even find yourself eating at some restaurants that you never would have thought to try like hillbilly hot dog. like all Outdoor Pursuits trips the only thing you have to provide is your food for the week, and just a word of advice, bring some money because you might stop in some really cool places. We will be sleeping camping out all week long so bring warm cloths and the will to climb for five days strait. So if you already love to climb or even if you've never really tried it and you want to go, feel free to contact the Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator Tim Rice by Email at

Monday, October 19, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions:

Climbing Wall Questions:

How tall is the wall?
  • It is a 40ft Nicros Art Wall that looks like and simulates real rock in this region.
Who is allowed to climb at Hocking Colleges Climbing Wall?
  • Any currently enrolled student, staff or faculty with Hocking College Id
  • Any one that has purchased a day pass for the Student Center, Day passes are available at the front desk for $5
  • All climbers must have a waiver on file
  • Groups larger then five need to call ahead
What about children who want to climb? Age limit or size limit?
  • Children under 12 are required to be under adult supervision. The supervision must remain in the lobby near the climbing wall.
  • All climbers must have a waiver on file, the legal guardian needs to have filled out the waiver for participants under 18 years of age
  • We do not have an age or size limit. They must be able to properly fit into our safety equipment, the staff worker can size up individuals and they know if our equipment fits properly.
What gear do you supply for the wall?
We can supply...
  • Shoes
  • Harness
  • Helmets
  • Belay devices
We do not supply...
  • Chalk bags or chalk
  • Finger Tape
What does all of the tape on the wall mean?
  • The tape on the wall is used to indicate route or paths up the wall. To make it more challenging to the climber may only touch the indicated holds with his hands and feet. See the route board to the right of the wall for difficulty ratings and route locations.
How do I use the Ice Wall or Rappel Platform?
  • Both the Ice Wall and Rappel Platform are reserved for our classes and instructional use. Students can take a PACE climbing class that allows the to use both during the class. The Rappelling is also offered periodically during the quarter to everyone, during these times anyone can rappel.
Do you program for birthday parties?
  • Yes. Contact Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator for more details.
Who do I contact if I want to bring a group to the climbing wall?
  • Tim Rice - Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator
    740-753-6541 or rice_t@hockingedu

General Outdoor Pursuits Questions:

How do I sign up for a trip or event?
  • Stop by the Outdoor Pursuits Office, Student Center 202. You can sign to be on the information list for free. However trip payment or deposit is required to reserve your spot on the trip. Trips are first come, first serve.

Who do I contact if I want more Information about a trip or event?
  • Tim Rice - Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator
    740-753-6541 or rice_t@hockingedu

Friday, October 16, 2009

High Ropes Weekend

On the weekend of November 13-15 Hocking Outdoor Pursuits is offering a high ropes class for all that want to join. The class is worth 1 credit hour and can be added as an elective. In the class we give people an understanding of what high ropes is, what it can be used for, and allow you to gain group leadership skills by showing you what it would be like to be a facilitator. There is no experience needed to take the class, and all gear is provided. so if you think you might enjoy the class and you want to sign up contact the Outdoor Pursuits coordinator Tim Rice by Email at

Red River Gorge Climbing Trip

We are off to the Red River Gorge for a weekend climbing trip Friday October 30Th through the 1st of November, and i am inviting you to join us. The Red River Gorge is located in Kentucky and is a premiere climbing destination throughout the world. They have everything from beginner level climbing to ultra hard routes for any experienced climbers that want to come and push there limits. if you feel a little hesitant because you don't have any experience don't worry about it. we have all the knowledge and gear you need to go out and enjoy your weekend. The total cost for the weekend is $45 and this covers everything but your food for the duration of the trip, also bring extra money because you will probably make a stop at Miguel's pizza/gear store for a couple ale-8-ones and some dank pizza. if your interested you can sign up by contacting Tim Rice the Outdoor Pursuits coordinator by Email at

Past trip write up for the Red River Gorge

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lake Hope Mountain Biking Trip

On the 25Th of October we are leaving for the day to go mountain biking on the beautiful trails they have established at Lake Hope State Park. We will be doing trails that are the at the level of the majority of people that show up that day. So if there are a lot of intermediate riders that show and only two advanced or two beginner riders then we are going to ride intermediate trails. The cost of this one day mountain biking extravaganza is $10 dollars and this does not include your food and water for the day. If you don't have a bike then your screwed! HAHA! Just kidding, we have plenty of bikes to rent out to people for free and helmets to protect your pretty little dome piece. So if your interestid and you want to ride some bikes. Then get in contact with Tim Rice the Outdoor Pursuits Cordinater at

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Annual Fall Quarter Day Bouldering Trip

Its that time of the year again!Hocking College is having its yearly employee work day, and you know what that means. Hocking's Outdoor Pursuits annual fall quarter day bouldering trip! The plan for this year is to go bouldering in the great state of West Virginia. In this beautiful land of rolling hills, moonshine, and coal there lies two different destinations that will satisfy your hankering for a slopper slapin, crimp crushin good time! The first one is the New River Gorge. Where you can boulder in a unique setting (right on the business end of a dam) at Hawks Nest, where there lyes some classic boulder problems. The second place is Coopers State Park. Here is where you will get your adrenaline fix on some amazing highball boulder problems. So what if its raining? you may ask? Well we got that one figured out too. If theres some weather brewing in WV then we will pull down on some plastic at two indoor climbing gyms of your choice. One is Vertical Adventures located in Columbus Ohio, and the other is called Urban Crag in Dayton Ohio. Both of wich have all the climbing you could handle for one day.

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Hocking Hills Climbing Trip

Have you ever been out in the hocking hills? If so, you know that there is some amazing boulders and rock formations all over the place. Have you ever thought it would be fun to climb them? If your answer is yes then the Hocking College Outdoor Pursuits has got the perfect trip for you! Because on the 24Th of October we are going to the Hocking Hills on a climbing trip! We will have a full day filled with climbs for you to enjoy. Everything from gut wrenching boulder problems, to beautiful tall face climbing and crack climbing for all you top rope junkies out there! The best part is, you don't have to bring any gear! The Outdoor Pursuits will be providing any gear you need, all you need to bring is your food and water for the day and and an addiction to rocks ( if you know what i mean). If you think that all this is to good to be true and were wondering how much $Cheddar$ this is going to cost you? Think again cuz! Because this trip is only FIVE BUCKS. So if your intristed and you want to sign up contact Tim Rice the Outdoor Pursuits cordinator in room 202 in the Student Center or Email him at

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trips line up for fall quarter!

Hey everyone, this is Rusty Blade I just wanted to fill all of you in on the trip schedule for fall quarter.


This trip is going to cruzz southeastern ohio to play three full 18 hole Disc Golf courses.The first course in this frisbie golf trifecta is at Ohio University, next you will play the course in Lancaster Ohio, and last but not least you will go to Pike Lake in Chillicothe Ohio to blow out any energy you have left.

Come and see what the local climbing crags look like here in the Hocking Hills. Pull down on some of the best bouldering and top rope southeatsern Ohio has to offer.

Do you ever want to do some real mountain bicking and get off the road and on a trail? If this sounds like you then i think i have a trip that you should check out. Outdoor Pursuits is going to Lake Hope State Park to spend the day on there bikes and you are welcome to come. Helmits and bikes will be provided if needed.

Are you looking for a weekend getaway? If so, this might be the trip for you. Let Hockings Outdoor Pursuits staff take you rock climbing in one of the best climbing destinations in the world, the Red River Gorge. The "Red" is home to world class climbing for beginners and for all you stone masters out there.

OV 3 COST $10
The first trip we got is for all you rock jocks that want to go to crush town in West Virginia. The date of this one day send fest is November 3 and the admission for your spot in the van is $10 bucks. If rains this trip will be reroute to an Ohio indoor climbing facility.

Spend the weekend learning the ropes with the Hocking College Outdoor Pursuits. Located in the gym of the student center is the worlds only retractable high ropes course. Chalenge yourself and get to know the ins and outs of the course.

Spend the weekend living out of a backpack in the beautifl Red River Gorge section of the Daniel Boone NF. We can provide you with all of the gear necessary to enjoy the scenic wonderland. The only things you need to bring is a pair of sturdy boots and a good sence of adventure.

Tour the dirty south and shred your finger tips on some of the coolest boulder problems and best sport routes in the southeastern part of the country. The destinations include The Red River Gorge in Kentucky, Rock Town in Gorgia, and Hores-Pens 40 in Alabama. So if your feeling frisky and want to try out some great new climbing spots then check it out.