Wednesday, January 16, 2008

White Water Club

Are you a water person or just adventurous? There’s a club at Hocking College that could be for you. The Whitewater Club was formed to bring river enthusiasts together as well as form new bonds by turning others on to the fun and excitement of whitewater. Even if you aren’t in to the crazy whitewater we are very committed to turning others on to the paddling community, no matter where (lake, ocean, or river). There are also many types of craft to get you on the water, depending on your personality. A raft, for the person who wants to get out with a group of family or family or friends, or perhaps you may want a professional to guide you safely down a river. A canoe, for one or two people looking for a quite float on a lake or a lively ride down a river. Lastly, a kayak for the person who prefers to control their own adventure.

We hold kayak roll sessions for those wanting to learn to right a kayak (the “Eskimo roll”) or if you would just like to learn to paddle in a controlled environment. Our roll sessions are on Monday evenings from 6:30- 8:30 in the pool at the student center (free to Hocking College students). This is also the time we meet for the club. The club also sets up trips to get out and paddle. We are always looking for new members, so stop by and let us know what you’re interested in.

- By Jesse Wilson

Winter Backpacking Trip 08

February 8-10 Wildcat Hollow Winter Backpacking Trip

Do you enjoy seeing and spending time in the Outdoors? If so then come spend the weekend with us exploring the scenic wonderland Of Burr Oak’s Wildcat Hollow trail, by backpack. We will travel light and cover short distances to be able accommodate any skill level of hiker. All you need to participate is a sturdy pair of boots, and the Outdoor Pursuits Staff can help you with the rest.
Wildcat Hollow Trail: The 15 mile Wildcat Hollow Trail is located within the Athens Ranger District of Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. Wildcat Hollow is a place where any hiker can venture through white pine plantations, open meadows, deep deciduous hardwood forests, quiet stream bottoms, rock outcrops and down old trails, overlooking miles of beautiful landscape. If you are quiet you might get a great opportunity to see some of the amazing wildlife that call this area home.

There will be a pre trip meeting on Monday 4th at 5:00 PM!
Stop by the Student Center to Sign Up!

Climbing Club Trip to Coopers Rock State Park

"Back on October 31st, 2008, H.C.O.P.'s Climbing Club ventured to Cooper’s Rock, located in the hills of West Virginia, for an electrifying day of intense bouldering. Our escapade started that Wednesday morning at the Student Center, where we loaded our gear and got on the road by 8:00 am. It was a beautiful day to be on rock while the morning was chilly, but the sun shined all day. This was my, as well as a few others, first time on real rock; overall pretty intense. That is also the reason why we started the day off on some good beginner climbs. I am proud to say that most of us topped out on the variety of boulders in that area. There was a sweet overhung crack that Shay, Tim O., and Brian attempted to conquer but were unable to top out. Also in that area was an intense 20ft. problem that was on the backside of the boulder. As the day progressed, so did we. We traveled around the rocky hillside in search of more challenging boulders. I feel I can speak for everyone when I say that by the end of the day our hands were raw and our arms were too pumped to continue. The sun was getting close to setting when we decided it was time to call it a day. On the way out, Dan told us of a good pizza joint to grab a bite to eat, because after all, you can't have an awesome day of climbing without some good local pizza."

"The trip to coopers rock was amazing. When we got there the sun was coming up and the breeze was cool. The temps were perfect for sending some hard boulder problems. The hike was quick being mostly downhill to the first bouldering area. There were some really good warm up problems that got us in the mood for some sends. In this area I found my first nemesis of the day, a problem called "Always Dry Roof Crack". I worked it for a while, and when I was feeling most confident, I took a gnarly fall, and decided that was enough on that problem. We made our way to all the bouldering spots around us where I was able to top out most of them. There was one problem("The Coral") that I watched Tim Rice, Tim Osterfeld, and Dan Proudfoot attempt it was a V7 on Coral Boulder it was crimp city and huge moves, they didn’t send but it was awesome watching them try. Around the same area was the next boulder I plan to project in the future it was a V4 and I couldn’t even do the start. But next time I make it back to Coopers I plan on sending."

- Shay

Checkout these videos, to see what Coopers was all about!

ZackH. on "Moby Dick"

Tim R. on "The Anti-Elvis"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dolly Sods Backpacking Trip 2007

Back on November 16, five of us piled into a van with our backpacks filled and our spirits high. We started our journey to the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Our destination for the weekend was Monongahela National Forest and The Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. After watching an intense, wild wreck in Elkins, we continued on our path to Dolly Sods. The closer we got the more snow we saw. Oh Yeah! Upon arriving at approximately 9:00 PM at the entrance of Dolly Sods we estimated about three inches of snow covering the ground.

We hiked about a half mile in and decided to set up camp for the evening. Brrrrrrr, what a cold night it was. There was not a cloud in the sky leaving the stars to shine all above us as we buried ourselves in our sleeping bags seeking warmth and shivering to sleep.

After a short but well needed breakfast we packed our packs, and made sure we left as little of trace as possible and headed on down the trail.

After a couple of miles of good hiking we came to the river crossing. Some of us tried to cross the river by jumping from rock to rock trying to avoid the oh so cold water. The others decided to put their sandals on and walk across. It wasn't so bad after the first 3 steps because your feet were numb!

After the crossing we laced our boots back up and back on the trail we went. After hiking for about an hour and half we came across this really rad formation of boulders with an amazing lookout from the top. We scrambled up to the top and took some sweet pictures of our view of Monongahela National forest. Our spirits went up along with our moral and we all just took in this amazing view we had in front of us. After spending a well needed half hour there we got back on trail and hiked for a little while until deciding to set up camp for the night.

Luckily the temperature had risen enough for us to get a great night of hard, well needed sleep. The morning came and we packed up and cleaned our site leaving as little of trace as possible and got started on our trek out and crossing the river one more time. It wasn't long until we could see the van and piled in and began the drive to the great old O H I O. What a great weekend and amazing trip it turned out to be!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

H.C.O.P. was at the Red

So back in the fall the H.C.O.P. took a group of 10 lucky students down to the amazing Red River Gorge to play on the Corbin sandstone. The fall temperatures were perfect allowing for the weekend to be an absolute send fest. We started out our trip with a great camping spot along the Red River that allowed us to settle down from the hustle and bustle of everyday chaos and to free our minds, getting ready for the following day.

We started off the following day with a short hike into Dip Wall where we stretched our fingers on “Green Eggs” and “Ham”, followed by a run up “Theodor Seuss Geisel”. After the stretch we mosey over “Whoville” and danced with “The Grinch”. We viewed “Sam I Am” and shook our fists and “Griptospuridiam”, with a few of us vowing to return with a little more spirit.

We rounded out the rest of the day with a stroll over to “Pebble Beach” and cruised “Arrow Head”. There were a series flashes on the short and sweet “Scabbies” and a few more on “Environmental Impact”. Little Tim even tried to slay the mighty beast “Brontosaurus” but was left hanging, in sad defeat.

The following day was spent at Lady Slipper on the tall and magnificent “Eureka” followed by our final run on “Father and Son”

Of course we concluded our trip with a stop at the best pizza place in the world. Miguels, need I say more!

Stay tuned and find about some of our other trips

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Time to Begin:

If you're looking for adventure you've come to the right place. The Hocking College Outdoor Pursuits will take you on some of the best trips around. Spend the weekend with us and meet new friends as you go climbing, caving, kayaking, back packing, skiing or whitewater rafting. We offer trips and activities most weekends throughout the school year.

Things to consider:

Hocking College is the only institution in Ohio to offer an indoor climbing wall with a simulated ice climb. Built by industry leaders Nicros; our wall has routes for beginners and experts as well as an intermediate level crack. Or if you're in the mood for an adrenaline rush, try belaying or rapelling off the built in platform....


Challenge yourself on one of the 12 elements on our indoor high ropes course. This exercise is an excellent way to build self-confidence, self-esteem, and make new friends.

Parting shot!