Monday, April 28, 2008

March Madness Ski Trip

It was March 7 and it was cold and the snow was coming down steadily and students started arriving at the wall with all their snowboarding/skiing gear. We were almost all together at the departure time but there was just one friend that we needed to wait on because she was coming from Columbus and the roads were backed up and traffic was slow due to the weather. As soon as this awesome friend, whom everyone ended up loving, got here, we took off on a 4 hour drive to a cabin near Seven Springs Resort. The first night was a little slow someone put the movie Out Cold on and people either watched it or went off to bed. There was also a mini dance party in the kitchen at midnight. The next day we had a harty breakfast and piled back into the van for the drive to the Resort. Once there Tim and Brady got everybody their tickets for the day, laid down some ground rules, and gave us a time and place to meet back up, then let us loose. Everyone went out to shred up the slopes before lunch. Around 1 o’clock students started to come in for lunch and warm up a bit. Soon though they were back out on the slopes tearing it up. Before everyone realized it, it was time to meet up and get back to the vans. Malia was sent out into the freezing cold to start the vans and scrape the ice off of the windshild. As soon as this was done we set off for the cabin. The drive was a slow one since we were driving in the dark and the wind was really picking up and blowing snow into the line of sight. When we got back a couple people made a wicked spaghetti dinner while the leaders of the trip took firsties on showering. After dinner we all cleaned up and hung out playing cards before heading off to bed, everyone was super tired from a sweet day out on the moutain. We woke up had a good breakfast, made sure to clean up the cabin and we all jumped back into the vans and started the long trip home. It was quite the fun trip.

Whats up?!?!

It was a cold and
windy ride to the top.

Food. mmmm.

The couch was a little small...

Riding solo.

New friends!

Paint Ball Wars

On April 21, 2008 a group of 50students from the three different campus housing buildings gathered atthe student center to fill out waivers for an exciting and intense gameof paintball. There was lots of chatter about who wasgoing to shoot who but everyone had the same mind set to shoot their Residence Student Mentor at least once. The students got to the Field Lab and were ready to start playing. While Zach and Kevin finished setting up the barriers Tim explained some of the rules about how we were going to run these games, mainly therefferee has the final say. After this Tim asked the students to split up into four groups of ten kids each since we only had twenty markers and helments available for use. While they were doing this a couple of veterans(Paint Ball Club Members) showed up and asked to get in on the games. Zach and Kevin had come back and after we were all introduced, Tim explained the first game, which was capture the flag. After intense games of rock paper scissorsthe teams that were first to play got their gear and went out to the playing field. Game one was in session. Gametwo happened between the two teams who didn't get to play. Game three became a game called Hostage. Basically, Team "A" has to go and retrieve one of their own who is held hostage by Team "B". After a couple of rounds of "Hostage", volunteer referees were appointed so Tim, Zach, and Kevin could join a tweaked version of the Hostage game as Interactive Agents (Hired by the family of the hostage). They were to enter at the 5 minute mark from any point of the playing field to retrieve the hostage while taking on the other two teams. The next scenerio game they played was called "Protect the President". The CIA was to get the President, who was unarmed, past the Terrorists to theotherside of the playing field without the President getting hit. Theonly way the CIA could get out was by breaking paint on their masks.Needless to say, the CIA won that one. It was getting late and paintwas running low, so the refs decided to playa couple of games of "GodMode". This game was simple, the only way to get out was to either runout of paint or CO2, or surrender. Overall, the day went extremely welland everyone had a great time. I saw some of the guys in school onMonday and they had some good welts and great stories to go withthem.

Protect the President^

Extreme Rage^.

He got marked ^.

So much fun!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Outdoor Pursuits Spring Line Up

Backpacking Trip: April 18-20: Have you ever wanted to see wild ponies, summit a mountain or live out of a backpack for a weekend. Mt. Rogers spring backpacking trip gives you the
opportunity to do all 3. Come enjoy the beautiful mountain setting of Virginia. Camping Gear can be provided. Moderate level of hiking. Cost of this trip is 35 American Dollars!
Backpacking Trip: May 9-11: Enjoy seeing and spending time in the outdoors? Then come spend the weekend exploring the wonderland of Monongahela National Forest as we travel along the Tea Creek Trail by backpack. Camping Gear can be
provided. All levels of hikers welcomed! Another great trip for only 3500 pennies.

Rock Climbing Trip: May 30– Jun 1: Do you like to rock climb or have always wanted to see what it is all about. Come spend the weekend with us at the Red River Gorge as we pull down, and climb our hands off. Hope to see everyone there. Cost of this trip is 40 dollars even!

*Stay tuned to find out about our other opportunities to get out and explore!
Climbing Club.. WOo WOo.. Tuesday nights (6-9er) the lights go on and the climbers come out. So come learn and enjoy with us the many different aspects of Rock Climbing whether it’s bouldering , top rope climbing or even the intense lead climbing.

Kayaking Club: Mondays 6:30-8:30 Located -In the swimming pool
If you are interested in learning the many different techniques of paddling then come learn and enjoy with us. No experience necessary.Bathing Suits required!

For more information, call Tim " the Boss" Rice at 740-753-6541
Or e-mail him