Monday, July 27, 2009

What we're bringing to the table for 2009-2010

Mountain Biking.
Ever wanted to go mountain biking but just don't have the time or money to get the bike and use it? Well, sign up for the mountain biking class offered in the Fall and Spring. Once a week you will be taught the fundamentals of mountain biking. Also you will be taken out to winding paths to experience nature at a faster pace.


Thinking that you would rather be learning to roll a kayak then sitting in class? Well lucky for you there is a kayak class offered Fall, Winter, and Spring in the swimming pool. Kayaks are available for use. Come and learn the basics of kayaking in a calm and warm environment. We also hold roll sessions if your schedule is to full for more classes. Roll session is held once a week for 3 hours. Come and practice your skills with friends who enjoy the same exhilarating experience of steering a one man boat through the water.

Disk Golf.

We have recently expanded the Disk Golf to include a full 18 holes. Work is still being done to bring the course up to the best shape it has been in. Please be careful as you use the trails many of the baskets have hazards to be aware of. For more information on the Disk Golf course see the specific brochure for it. In the Disk Golf brochure you will find a map as well as a score sheet.

Rock Climbing.

Hocking College has a rock wall available for use all year long. It is located in the Student Center. Hours of operation for the Fall, Winter, and Spring are as follows:

Monday-Friday— 12:00 pm-9:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday—12:00 pm-6:00 pm

Hours of operation in the Summer are:

Monday-Sunday—12:00 pm-6:00 pm

Climbing is only permitted when there is a staff member at the wall.

Along with the rock wall Outdoor Pursuits takes weekend trips in the fall and spring to the nearby climbing areas of New River Gorge and Red River Gorge. If you have an interest in the climbing trips please see a staff member.

Back Packing.

Outdoor Pursuits offers at least one back packing trip each quarter except summer. A back packing trip runs for three days and two nights. During this time we will take you on an adventure of being what seems like being the only group in the world. Come and put your camping skills to the test with this inspiring adventure activity. Fair warning though, back packing can be a strenuous activity be aware of what you are signing up for!

High Ropes Course.

Looking to add another class? The High Ropes class is a great way to spend one weekend and get a credit for it. Come experience the thrill of being suspended in the air and pushing yourself to test your limits, physically and mentally. Learn what it takes to communicate effectively with your peers. The High Ropes Course is a one of a kind, it is located in the gymnasium of the Student Center and it is lowered to its working position. It is the only retractable ropes course in the world. You have never walked a balance beam quite like ours until you have gone through the High Ropes class. Get your friends and sign up now!!

Paint ball.

Yes, we have an awesome paint ball field. We have built our own paint ball course in the woods. Get a group of friends together and come play some rounds of paint ball. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to shoot paint at high speeds at your best friend. Or team up with your friends and get your teachers to play against you. Paint ball can be dangerous, so you must have a shirt and close toed shoes, no shirt, no flip flops, no game.


It is getting to the end of winter quarter and there is nothing more you would like then to drop everything and hit the slopes. But where will you go? Who will go with you and how will you get there? Sign up for a Ski and Snowboard trip to Seven Springs Ski Resort or Wisp Ski Resort. Take the weekend with your friends to relax Friday night, wake up Saturday morning eat a hearty breakfast and hit the slopes. Spend all day shredding it up then come back to a nice warm house for a delicious dinner a good nights rest and a relaxing ride home. What a way to spend a weekend at the end of a long winter.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Temporary Disc Golf Course Closure


July 6, 2009

The Hocking College Disc Golf course will be closed on the weekend of July 10-12 for another event that will be using the grounds. The course will be closed from Friday july 10th at 8am until Monday morning for the International Bow Hunters Challenge, they will be using the same grounds as our disc golf course so it will by temporarily closed for safety concerns. Please help spread the word of the closure.


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