Monday, November 23, 2009

Backpackng Red River Gorge Recap

Great weekend of backpacking exploring the Red River Gorge. Start with some great eats before we began our trek at Hillbilly Hotdog which personally served me one of the best burgers i may have ever had! Trails were great serving us with different types of scenary to enjoy during our trek. We could not ask for better weather with the temp. ranging from 60-40 degrees with constant sun roaming all weeked perfect for a backpacking trip. During our backpacking we got to enjoy beautiful skyline views from the tops of gorges and getting to see remarkable archs including Grey's arch and Hidden arch. At night got to enjoy a relaxing campsite lying next to a streaming creek and quite isolation at the bottom of the gorge. We got to finish our trip sitting at Miguel's Pizza enjoy a couple slices and sipping on some Ale8's

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Red River Gorge Backpacking Trip

Spend the weekend with Outdoor Pursuits as we travel the hills of Daniel Boone National Forest by foot. We will be backpacking in the beautiful Red River Gorge section of DBNF which is home to miles of trails, scenic wilderness, countless cliffs and many other natural rock formations, including arches.

We will be covering about about 10-12 miles over the course of the weekend on moderate to rough trails in the DBNF. We will be camping from the contents of our packs and cooking over backpacking stoves. Don't let this idea sway you from attending, our experienced staff members can assist you with gear and menu planning. If you are an experienced or new to backpacking this trip is perfect for you. Outdoor Pursuits can even supply a large portion of the gear, we have everything from tents to backpacks, stove and cook gear, ground pads to sleeping bags, we have it all. The only gear you will need is personal clothing, personal food and snacks, and a sturdy pair of boots. Again the trained staff can help you decide what other personal items to bring and the ones to leave at home.

On our drive 4hr drive down we will stop at Hillbilly Hotdogs, a nice little eclectic food stop that has been featured on the food network. After that we will arrive at the trailhead in the early afternoon and will hike about 2miles to our first camp. Saturdays hiking will take us deep in to the hills of Ky, as we head toward Grays Arch. Grays is an impressive sandstone arch that we will pass during our excursion in the woods. We will cover multiple trails during our hike, one of them being the Sheltowee Trace National Trail. We should arrive back at the van early on Sunday, we will probably stop at one last food place before our return drive to Hocking's campus, returning by 8pm.

Info Recap:
Trip Name: Red River Backpacking Trip
Trip Location: Red River Gorge, Slade, Ky
Cost: $45 This includes transportation, permit fees, and rental of any necessary gear. This does not include food.
Departure Time: 10am, November 20th from the Student Center
Approximate Return Time: 8pm, November 22

If your interested you can sign up by contacting Tim Rice the Outdoor Pursuits coordinator by Email at

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coopers Day Trip Report

Just last Tuesday the outdoor pursuits took a group of people to the Coopers Rock State Park for a day of bouldering. The weather was perfect and the group of people we had was awesome. I wish i could say the same for the van that we were driving. The fastest it was going up the hills on the drive there was about 45 mph. We even had to put on our hazards on the way there, but low and behold we made it. We headed into the woods with high expectations of sending some really cool problems, and i can speak for everyone when i say all our expectations were all met. The first place we went was the tilted tree area for some warm ups. Grey got on the Always Dry Roof V3 and i think it gave him a run for his money. After we all got warmed up Dylan, Gunner, and I got on a V5 called Twist The Hick it's a tall vertical problem that i had tried before but never sent. Dylan with his six foot or taller frame one goad it. Gunner and I had to figure out some new foot beta. After a few more goes we figured it out. After that the group split up. Tim, Dylan, Gunner, Kate, and I went over to try our luck fighting the Shadow Boxer V6. This line is for sure one of the most inspiring problems Ive ever seen before. None of us could figure out the beta for pulling the top. But this will be on all our lists as something to work in the future. The other group went over to the Molby's Dick area and got on a ultra classic problem called Molby's Dick V3. We climbed on some more really cool problems throughout out the day, like Crash and Burn V5 and a really awesome highball project. After the send fest we went into town to eat some burritos at Black Bear Burrito.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Low Down On The Red River Gorge

On Friday, the 30th of October we started our adventure with the sun in the sky and all of our thoughts on the beautiful sandstone cliffs that we were heading to. Once we made it to West Virginia we realized that we all had a hunger about us. So we pulled in at the Hillbilly Hot Dogs restaurant and satisfied our hunger with some of the most delicious hot dogs on this side of the Mississippi. We had a couple of first timers with us and they were amazed by the high class style they have, and how the children's toy decor really ties the whole place together. But on a more serious note they were amazed at the crazy combinations of hot dogs they offer, also they loved the down home atmosphere. So once more we hit the road south bound for Kentucky. We arrived in the Red around four pm and set up camp, once we were all settled in we headed off to long wall to get a climb in before dark. Tim being a man that enjoys a casual trad experience put up a really aesthetic line called Autumn (now looking back i think i should have got on it.) Ian and I went down the wall to find some sport routs, when we cam across a really cool looking line called Back Door to Paris this was a really cool route with slopers and crimps all the was up. That was all the day was going to allow us to fit in before dark so we went back to camp. It started to get a little chilly without the sun so we made afire and drank some Ale 8 ones and talked about where we would climb tomorrow if the rain came. The rain came alright it came all night and until ten O clock the next morning. When we all got up we sat under the Noahs tarp fixing breakfast and drinking hot coffee looking at the guide book thinking of a good plan for climbing in this weather. After the rain stopped we all got ready and went and found some over hung stuff. The first climb we got on was called (up yonder 11b) it was a really good climb with good holds and a no hands rest. After that Louise and I got on a really cool 12a that was called (Strevels gets in shape) it was really bouldery in the start and then jugs on an over hang. Neither of us sent but it will be good to work next time. Then we went to 10 wall and climb some routes but nobody was really into it so we just went back to camp and chilled by the fire and ate dinner. when we arose the next morning the sun was shining and the temps were perfect. We dicided to go and see if there was anybody that was on (Creature Feature 5.9) and when we pulled up there was no one in site. This climb was sweet, we all got on it. After a good day of climbing we all thought that some Miguils pizza would be a great topper to this trip. So we packed up the van and headed over there to chow down. After filling our stomacs it was time to leave this majestic place and we all wanted to stay but new that we couldent, but we can always go back.