Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coopers Day Trip Report

Just last Tuesday the outdoor pursuits took a group of people to the Coopers Rock State Park for a day of bouldering. The weather was perfect and the group of people we had was awesome. I wish i could say the same for the van that we were driving. The fastest it was going up the hills on the drive there was about 45 mph. We even had to put on our hazards on the way there, but low and behold we made it. We headed into the woods with high expectations of sending some really cool problems, and i can speak for everyone when i say all our expectations were all met. The first place we went was the tilted tree area for some warm ups. Grey got on the Always Dry Roof V3 and i think it gave him a run for his money. After we all got warmed up Dylan, Gunner, and I got on a V5 called Twist The Hick it's a tall vertical problem that i had tried before but never sent. Dylan with his six foot or taller frame one goad it. Gunner and I had to figure out some new foot beta. After a few more goes we figured it out. After that the group split up. Tim, Dylan, Gunner, Kate, and I went over to try our luck fighting the Shadow Boxer V6. This line is for sure one of the most inspiring problems Ive ever seen before. None of us could figure out the beta for pulling the top. But this will be on all our lists as something to work in the future. The other group went over to the Molby's Dick area and got on a ultra classic problem called Molby's Dick V3. We climbed on some more really cool problems throughout out the day, like Crash and Burn V5 and a really awesome highball project. After the send fest we went into town to eat some burritos at Black Bear Burrito.

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