Monday, November 23, 2009

Backpackng Red River Gorge Recap

Great weekend of backpacking exploring the Red River Gorge. Start with some great eats before we began our trek at Hillbilly Hotdog which personally served me one of the best burgers i may have ever had! Trails were great serving us with different types of scenary to enjoy during our trek. We could not ask for better weather with the temp. ranging from 60-40 degrees with constant sun roaming all weeked perfect for a backpacking trip. During our backpacking we got to enjoy beautiful skyline views from the tops of gorges and getting to see remarkable archs including Grey's arch and Hidden arch. At night got to enjoy a relaxing campsite lying next to a streaming creek and quite isolation at the bottom of the gorge. We got to finish our trip sitting at Miguel's Pizza enjoy a couple slices and sipping on some Ale8's

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