Monday, March 31, 2008

Mt. Rogers Spring Backpacking Trip

Have you ever wanted to summit a mountain, see wild ponies or just live out of a backpack for a weekend. Well this trip is perfect for you! Come spend the weekend of April 18-20th, traveling along what some people say is the best part of the famous Appalachian Trail. We will travel light and cover short distances to be able to accommodate moderate skill level of hikers. All you need to participate is a sturdy pair of boots and the Outdoor Pursuits Staff can help you with the rest! We will have the chance to summit Mt. Rogers sometime early afternoon on Saturday then continue our hiking along the Wilburn ridge having the chance to take in the breath taking views of the beautiful state of Virginia. Lots of good times and memories to be made. This trip is the finishing project for Mark Hofmeister's internship. So come enjoy with me my final project for my degree! Hope to see y'all there!

If interested please sign up prior to mandatory Pre-trip meeting Tuesday April 15th, at 4:00 pm in the stuent center! You can either take this trip as a class or just for fun!

  1. The class # is Rec 100-240, you will have to pay a course fee on top of the cost of the trip.
  2. COST is 35 dollars or 3500 pennies.
  3. For more Information e-mail either me
  4. Mark at or
  5. Tim Rice at

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

-Trip Has Been Cancelled-

Coming March 16-22 ! ! !

Red River Gorge Spring Break Trip

Non-Stop Adventure!

Come spend the week with the Outdoor Pursuits staff as we explore the endless possibilities of the Red River Gorge. Canoe the Middle Red River, push your vertical limits on the seemingly endless Rock Climbs, and traverse your way through the numerous trails while Backpacking around the scenic wind and water cut Gorge. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this trip is for you. Our experienced staff will provide you with all the gear and show you the proper techniques to make this trip your best spring break EVA!

We will explore all that the Red River Gorge has to throw at us. The Gorge is located in Daniel Boone National Forest and offers scenic views that are impossible to ignore. Natural stone arches, like the one shown above, will be visited along with cliff edge views and other beauty that the Gorge has to offer. We get to experience all of this while sleeping out under the stars (Well, in tents but close enough).

The week will consist of two days of Climbing, two days of Backpacking, and one day of Canoeing.

There will be a Pre-Trip Meeting Wednesday March 5 at 5pm in the Clubroom.

Stop by the Student Center and talk to Tim Rice (740-753-6541)to sign up!

-Trip Has Been Cancelled-