Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cruxfest 2013

Saturday April 13th, 8:30am. Be there!!!

This is Hocking College's Annual Student Climbing Competition. It's open to any and all climbers in the area. We will have both men's and women's category for each division. There will be food and prizes, along with grab bags for all participants. This is one of the BIGGEST events that we host and every year we have a great time! Come on out and enjoy the fun!!!

Recreational 5.7-5.9
Intermediate 5.9-5.11
Advanced: 5.11+

$25 Entry Fee
-First 25 pre-registered participants receive a FREE t-shirt!!!

Comp Day Schedule:
8:30am Registration/Check-in
9:00am Competition Begins
Hopefully done by 4pm

For more info or to sign up for the Competition, call Shane West at 740-753-6541 or email him at

You can check out previous years here:
And check out CruxFest 2012's Highlight Video:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring Semester 2013 Trips

So I bet you are wondering what kind of trips O.P. has lined up for you this semester?? Well we have some pretty awesome ones in the making but here are the ones set and ready to go:

Vertical Adventures Day Trip Saturday Feb. 16th.

Cost is $20 and space is limited

Snowtrails Skiing/Snowboarding Day Trip Wednesday February 20th

Cost is $35 plus $$ for rentals and food. Space is limited

Tennessee Wall Climbing Trip March 29th-31st

Cost is $75 and there are only a couple spots left

If you are interested in going on any of these trips contact Shane West at or call him at 740-753-6541 or come to the wall to find out more details.

More trips are in the making so check back often to find out how you can get involved with Hocking College Outdoor Pursuits!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Climbing Club

So you're probably asking yourself, what goes on at Climbing Club?? Or maybe you are wondering how is climbing club any different than any other time the wall is open...?? Every Wednesday from 6-9pm during the Semester climbers get together and do more advanced climbing like lead climbing. We sometimes learn new knots or practice taking whippers! When it's nice out, we'll load up the vans and head to one of our favorite bouldering spots. Check out this footage from last nights Climbing Club:

If you think that looked like fun, I'll see you next week at Climbing Club!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kayak Roll Sessions

Ever wanted to learn how to roll a kayak??? Well you are just in luck! O.P. is bringing you Kayak Roll Sessions every Tuesdays from 7-9pm throughout the Spring Semester! Check it out:

See ya at the pool!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring Semester 2013 - Welcome Back

Yo what's up homies!! Hope you all enjoyed your break and got through the first week of classes ok. OP had a sweet trip surfing it up over break. If you want to check that out you can go here. Outdoor Pursuits here at Hocking College is in full blown action for this Spring 2013 semester! Be sure to check back here, our facebook page, or just stop by the wall to see what all we are doing.

Speaking of the climbing wall, we are bringing you some sick stuff this semester! Not only are we open during regular hours (12pm-9pm Monday - Friday and 12pm-6pm Saturday and Sundays), but we got some clinics open for you to learn how to belay, repel, and ice climb! Sign up at the wall for the clinic of your choice and you'll be on your way to being a certified belayer, skilled ice climber, or you could simply get down with gravity and go repelling! Also don't forget about Climbing Club from 6pm-9pm every Wednesday  where you can learn to lead climb and get some outside bouldering in when it's nice out.

Here's some sweet footage of the wall by OP Staff Elyzabeth:

Be sure to check back often for more ways you can get involved with OP this semester!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surf Trip Part Deux
That’s right, Outdoor Pursuits went surfing again.  We had so much fun last year we had to.  If you missed it I’m sorry to inform you but… this year was twice as good as last!
Day One, not much to mention here, lots of driving, boiled peanuts and bluegrass.  Enough said on that, though we did make excellent time on the road.  Good job, Boss-man.
Day Two, now here’s where it gets exciting.  We wake up in Tomoka State Park to find blue skies and sunshine.  Everyone is super pumped to head to the beach.  We drive down to New Smyrna, pick up our boards and wetsuits from the Scott Clan and head to the inlet.  Now, I don’t know why but it always seems on our first day the waves are epic.  Chest to head high clean surf, 70-degree air and 68-degree water; it was pumping.  
This trip we had a mixed crew of experience.  While the new crew got their beach and surf safety lessons, last year’s crew got wet.  Right off the bat, last year’s crew was in the mix again... getting worked.  The waves were super fun A frames (breaking both right and left with a peak in the middle).  It didn’t take long for the crew to settle in and get some rides, and not just standing but really getting some time on the wave.  
After an hour or two in the surf, maybe longer, ha-ha, the first crew gave up their boards for their comrades anxiously waiting on the beach.  The new crew hit the water and in no time at all were standing and getting rides.  The waves were so good it was hard not to get a great ride.  We paddled until our arms just about fell off and called it.  We packed up the trailer and drove back to camp for some food and sleep because tomorrow was looking really good on the surf radar and we wanted more.
Day Three, we woke early again but moved a little slower, cramped muscles and a restless night from dreams about waves and loud neighbors.  Our neighbors in the next camping site thought the bathroom was a great place to hang out and sing camp songs.  Imagine 20 dudes in a shower room singing at the top of their lungs 100 feet from your campsite; rather funny now, but not great then.   Let’s just say the law got laid down the next morning and we had quiet evenings from then on.  After some Dunkin’ Donuts we headed to the inlet again for some more waves.  Once again the waves were awesome, slightly smaller than the previous day but just as good conditions.  In New Smyrna you can drive on the beach but with a van and trailer it’s just asking for trouble, so instead we parked in the inlet’s dune park area.  There is a boardwalk that connects the park to the beach.  It is a beautiful walk through New Smyrna’s dunes area, all sorts of trees and creatures to look at while you walk, with a lighthouse in the background.  It’s rather a decent walk, and many people walk and run on the boardwalk.  
After deciding which peak (sandbar in the water) we will try today, we suit up and get wet.  Just a beautiful day of waves and we broke out the bocce ball set for those chillin’ in the sun.  We decide this evening we’ll head to the famous fish camp JB’s for some seafood.   Raw oysters, blackened gator and grouper sandwiches and the best, and I mean the best, key lime pie.  All while we sit and watch the sun drop over Mosquito Lagoon.  If you ever get the chance, check it out!
Day Four, we get a little later start today; we’re all worked: sunburned, sore and loving it.  We had a little trouble with our trailer locks (aka someone lost the keys) so we had to purchase new ones.  We get some DD’s and on to the beach.  Rock-paper-scissors would have been the gentlemen’s way of sorting out who carried the heavy long board all the way down the boardwalk but we left it for the sucker who didn’t grab a lighter board fast enough.  
The wind started blowing offshore today really hard, still fun waves but slightly harder to get into with the wind blowing against you.  Beautiful to watch the spray come off the waves and soak you as you paddle for them.  Another really cool element today was dolphins.  They were everywhere in the water jumping out of the waves and riding them.  
We surfed till the sun went down.  It was stunning.  The wind calmed and the sky was gorgeous.  Back at camp we ate some grub and headed to the volleyball court for some nighttime games (headlamps and a glowing ball).
Day Five, hmm, let’s see, what did we do today… ah yes, back to the inlet for more waves, ha-ha.  The wind was really beating on the waves all night.  We drove down A1A watching the surf in South Daytona and it looked flat but fear not, New Smyrna is always good.  
We stopped at New York Bagel Deli and got a really good breakfast.  They have a food challenge called the Big Nash named after a professional wrestler who lives in the area.  The sandwich is ridiculous: eggs, bacon, steak, peppers, onions, cheese on a hero bun that covers a plate.  No way, I say.  I want to catch some waves.  Wait, what was that?  It wins you a free hat?! Oh yeah, that was a mistake.  The rest of the day I felt like Big Nash had me in a chokehold but my boy JB is representing with a Hat out in Cali, Smear This!  


We get to the inlet and as usual a super fun wave.  Everywhere else was flat except the inlet’s main peak.  It’s like magic; I don’t know how it does it but it always delivers.  We surfed until sunset again.
Day Six, we wake up to watch the sunrise in Ormond Beach.  It was a little bit cold this morning.  There was a cold front on the way, cold temps but it would improve the surf.  Nobody jumped in the water; it was cold and hard to tell what the surf looked like.  We watched the sun come up and got some great photos.   Afterward we walked across the street to Alfie’s and got some breakfast.  
When we walked back across the street, a little wave had picked up with the tide.  I had a blast on this wave.  It was about waist to stomach high and really fast on the inside.  Needless to say, I took a fair few on the “dome” but it was so much fun.  
As the tide changed, we decided to change pace and revisit Pirates Cove for some mini golf.  Jake Brown took the championship this year beating out some stiff competition by a stroke -- well done, sir.  
Off to Heavenly CafĂ© for some amazing smoothies (coffee smoothies anyone?) and head to the inlet for another sunset session.  The dolphins were going wild in the waves.  It’s a real privilege to share the water with such amazing creatures.
Day Seven, the cold front moved in overnight and it was cold when we woke.  We drove to the beach and the wind was howling.  The waves were at least head high, if not a couple feet overhead.  The first bunch jumped in and started paddling to get to the outside break, which apparently they thought was in the middle of the ocean …J  The drift was quite heavy today and they drifted a good half mile down the beach in about twenty minutes.  They caught a few good rides and proceeded to freeze on the beach; it was cold, fortyish degrees with twenty mile an hour wind -- just bitter in a wetsuit.  
The first crew changed clothes and decided that was enough.  We sat huddled for a bit waiting for it to get warm and the waves to improve.  The waves got super good in the early afternoon.  They started coming in on the main peak -- clean, long rights about two-foot overhead and the wind calmed a little.  It was still very cold and despite my best efforts I could only manage about two hours in the water.  Like a popsicles I ran up the beach to change; I couldn’t take any more wind.  We packed our gear up and said goodbye to the beach.
This year’s trip was fantastic.  The waves were great, the weather was pleasant and the crew worked really well together.  By the end of the week, everyone was riding waves and improving their skills, flat out having a blast.  My thanks to all who were involved.  
If you missed this trip it’s okay to be depressed, because it was awesome!  But fear not, we’ve got more really great trips coming up.  Keep your eyes peeled for the times and dates.  Btw, for those on the trip -- you didn't have to cut me out like someone I use to know… gotcha!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Red River Gorge Autumn 2012

Hold up, hold up, hold up! Outdoor Pursuits went to the Red River Gorge for three days? 

That’s right, Son.  Check the flyers, we traveling.

How was the climbing?

I’m getting there, I’m getting there.  Don’t rush me (takes a deep breath).  

Here we go:  Day One - What’s a trip to the Red without fueling up on some classic cuisine.  Hillbilly Hot Dogs was our first stop, hot dogs any way you can dream.  Go with the taco dog; you won’t regret it.  

From there we continued straight to the Red.  Pouring rain during the drive had our spirits low but we trudged on hoping for better weather.  We pulled into camp and the weather seemed to break slightly, but there was a weird ruckus going on down the creek, so we went to inspect.  A crow had been snagged by a fishing line and was dangling above the river trying to get free.  

Horrible, right?  

Don’t worry, the crew went to action: a pocket knife here, clipping pole there, wet boots, creek crossed, a t-shirt to hold the crow, and he was free.  

You’re thinking, Wow, that had to be a good omen for the trip, right?  Everything would get better for our good deed, right?  Wrong.  That crow should’ve died.  It rained on us the rest of the night.

Later, sitting under the cooking canopies we decided it was time for action, so we headed to Miguel’s Pizza, the climbing hub of the Red, for a little grub and nourishment.  After some delicious pizza and several Ale 8’s -- Kentucky’s famous soda -- we went back to camp, had a fire and hoped for better conditions the next day.

Saturday morning arrives:  Still soaked… sigh.  We dally around camp fueling up and weighing options for areas that might be dry enough to climb.  Around 9:30 a.m. we head out in search of greatness -- as it happens, so did every other climber in the Red!  Muir, Lady Slipper, and Long wall were all mobbed, and I mean MOBBED.  So we headed to Pebble Beach with fingers crossed, nobody was there (holla!); we owned the crag.  Oh, it was wet but that didn’t stop us.  Five fun was the order of the day and quickly we put up route after route, trying to make up for our lost afternoon. New climbers got to touch outside rock for the first time; old climbers got to revisit old friends; and REALLY old climbers were there… Not sure why they were there, being so old and all (shrug).  We crushed and thrushed till the late afternoon and returned to camp for some well earned R & R.  We settled in that night, gathered around the fire with new stories to tell, and had a well earned sleep that night.

Sunday, final day:  We woke up early and packed camp.  Lady Slipper-Global Village was the choice of the day.  This is a beautiful crag with 80-foot plus climbs and great views to reward you with a send.  As with the day before, routes quickly went up and the fun began.  Vision, an 80-foot crack quickly became a favorite with the climbers for its hand jams, sunshine, and view of the gorge from the top that’s hard to beat.  We climbed till the early afternoon and packed it up, but we couldn’t leave without one more trip to Miguel’s.  A few more Ale 8’s and a sweet potato, artichoke, and ricotta cheese pizza (sounds good, right), and it was time to head home.  (By the way, it WAS good.)

The Red River Gorge has been a wonderful trip:  Beautiful views, world-class climbing and making new friends have been the payoff.  If you missed out on this trip, don’t worry; just keep your eyes on the watch for future excursions.  It’s a trip you’ll never forget!

                                                                      written by: Ryan Scott