Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cooper Climbing Day Trip Report - NOT!!

So. Back on October 29th we were supposed to take a day bouldering trip to the wonderful and majestic "Coopers Rock State Park", located in Wv. Well, on the morning of we found out that it wasn't going to be quite so wonderful, more so, it was supposed to be wet, cold, and really windy, with a chance of snow. That didn't sound so pleasant to the group of new climbers, so we opted to stay in Ohio and boulder in Athens for the day. The day started off great, we headed to Casa Nueva for an amazing breakfast to get pumped for a day of crushing. So with full stomachs and great weather we all set out for a day of bouldering around Athens. We started off at COAD with some warm ups on the warm up wall. After a few easy climbs we headed to "Fire in the Hole" an awesome v1+/2 problem with a nice mantle top out. After a few hours around COAD we decided to head over to the trailer park area. We started off at tilted trailer and some more warm up boulders, after another good warm up session we headed to commitment area, where one of Athens finest problems "Birds Nest" is located. After another good session there we headed over to "The Font " area. We took a detour and stopped at "Rodeo Dyno" for a couple goes, after everyones tips were good and shred from failed attempts we left it for another day and moved on. After a good dose of Athens bouldering we decided to call it a day and head back to home. Although we didn't make it to Cooper's we ended up with a great day of perfect weather and good climbs, all in all it was an awesome trip.Above: Shane on "Rodeo Dyno"

Above: Group standing around "The Font Area"...(Looks like theres more standing going on then climbing...those boulders aren't gonna climb themselves guys...You guys look like a "hangout" crew!!!!!

Above: Kevin going for the mantle on "Fire in the hole"

Above: Levi on "Rodeo Dyno"Above: Shane crushing a V6...wait no thats just "Tilted trailer" (beginners traverse)

Above: Kevin setting up for "Rodeo Dyno"

Hungry??? Try one of Athens finest restaurants Casa Nueva, visit them on the world wide webba at

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mountwood Mountain Biking Trip Report

Sunday 11-9-08
The day started bright and early with a meeting in the parking lot at 8:30 a.m. We loaded up the trailer and headed on our way for a day of intense riding at Mountwood state park in the hills of West Virginia. After a short 45 minute drive we arrived at our destination. Everyone seemed more than eager to set out and see what WV had to offer. After a brief safety meeting we headed out to our first trail the collarbone, that would be the first leg of our 10 mile journey. Not long into our ride it seemed that people were dropping like flies, the leafy slick conditions of the trails made it quite an interesting ride and it seemed that keeping it on two wheels would be a problem. Trail conditions kept us down but not out, after a series of awesome falls and wipe outs lead by Wes H. shoulder checking a giant Oak tree, followed by Ryan W. coming in a little too hot around a corner, it seemed that wiping out would be unavoidable.

As our biking journey continued we came across some trial signs that made us second guess our location and we shortly found out that we had missed a turn or two. (NOTE: Printed internet Mount wood trail maps may not be totally reliable) After a short double back on a few trails we arrived at one of Mountwood's finest single track downhills "The Haystack". The trail was a great flowing downhill with good tight turns and rolling hills, besides the plethora of wipe outs and on going laughter this seemed to be one of the many highlights of our ride.
So we continued on the haystack over a super sketchy man made bridge (Which Wes also took a good fall on) and followed it back to the trail head to get some lunch. After lunch a few of us didn't quite get our fill of WV's sweet single track and decided to take a short 2 mile trail named Copperhead,which was a great end to an awesome trip!!

By: Shane West

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disc Golf Tour

November 8th

There once were two brave warriors. These warriors were unlike the others, because instead of weapons, they battled with discs. Kevin of Medina is a master smack talk. Although he may not be a great discer, he has been known to take down the best of the best with his words alone. Dustyn of Mount Vernon has shot par fours in as little as 19 throws, although he often sextuples beginner par, he has more heart than any ¾’s of a regular man.

These two warriors challenge you to a grand competition this Saturday, 11-8-08. We shall depart ye olde student center at 8:30 a.m. and head to Great Seal State Park where we will play a full 18 holes, then cook a grand feast of hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and chips. After the hearty meal, we will head on to OU Chillicothe for another full 18 holes of intense battle.
The cost is 8 dollars, and discs can be provided. This outing will last most of the day, and is bound to take a toll physically and mentally on even the stoutest discer, are you up for the challenge?

The details one more time:

Cost = $8 (includes transportation and lunch)

We will meet in the Student Center lobby at 8:30am on Saturday Morning.

Post by - Dusytn

Hocking Hills Trip Report

Last Sunday, 11-2-08 Dan, Joel, and myself were given the chance to lead a trip into the Hocking Hills Climbing and Rappelling Area, and what a trip it was!
It all started with Joel calling me around 7:55 a.m. to tell me that I should have been there a half hour ago, and that he needed me to help him prepare, funny thing was, trip leaders were told to meet at 8:30… apparently someone missed the daylight savings memo.
A half hour later, Dan and I arrived to find the most luxurious conversion van 1987 had to offer. Christened the paddy wagon, it came stock with a power sofa, T.V. with VCR, and two, count em, two tape decks. Awesome.

We got geared up, loaded down, and we were off with 4 students who wanted to see what southern Ohio has to offer. After the short hike in, we set up ropes on rectangle rock, and everyone gave it a shot, one after the other. Along with some fun top rope routes, we did a little bouldering, and general hanging out.
Shane just happened to be hiking through with his gear and decided to introduce us to his puppies and spend the rest of the day with us. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and between good weather, good climbing, snacks, and awesome leadership it turned out to be a great day.

As we packed up, we realized we had picked up a couple strays, none of us wanted to leave the poor dogs out there, so we loaded them up with the ropes and crash pads and made a pit stop at the ranger station. (Also, Joel needed to go boom boom).

By Dustyn

Mountwood Mountain Biking

November 9th
Let Shane and Dustyn show you a little of what WV has to offer. You will spend the day riding the trails at Mountwood State Park, located just outside of Parkersburg, Wv. They plan to ride a few loop trails in the beginning of the day, and another loop in the afternoon. The Mountwood trails are beautiful and well maintained trails that will meet the need of any rider. So come roll with us.

  • Cost is $10
  • We will meet in the Student Center Lobby at 8:30am on Sunday morning, and will try to return before 5pm
  • Bikes and helmets can be provided.
  • You will need to bring your own lunch and snacks.

Sign up fast space is limited.

See some of Mountwood below.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red River Gorge Backpacking Trip

November 14-16

Are you looking for an escape from the stress's of a fall class? Do you need a chance to just relax? Then check out our trip to Kentucky's Red River Gorge as we explore Daniel Boone National Forest by backpack. We will travel travel easy and well maintained trails so that even the inexperienced can come and enjoy what the "Red" has to offer.

We will camp via tents on Koomer Ridge and hike to the amazing Gray's Arch formation, a naturally formed arch similar to the arches of Arches National Park of Utah. This is a backpacking trip is not to be missed.

Outdoor Pursuits will/can provide:
  • Transportation
  • Backpacks, Sleeping Bag, Tent and more
  • knowledge of the area (just ask James)
You will need to provide:
  • Personal Food for the Weekend
  • positive attitudes
Cost is $45

Mandatory Pretrip Meeting November 12th @ 5pm in the Student Center.

We will depart from the Student Center at 10am on Friday morning and return around 8pm on Sunday night. Don't let this opportunity to sample the awesome backpacking pass you by.

Contact Tim Rice to sign up or 753-6541