Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red River Gorge Backpacking Trip

November 14-16

Are you looking for an escape from the stress's of a fall class? Do you need a chance to just relax? Then check out our trip to Kentucky's Red River Gorge as we explore Daniel Boone National Forest by backpack. We will travel travel easy and well maintained trails so that even the inexperienced can come and enjoy what the "Red" has to offer.

We will camp via tents on Koomer Ridge and hike to the amazing Gray's Arch formation, a naturally formed arch similar to the arches of Arches National Park of Utah. This is a backpacking trip is not to be missed.

Outdoor Pursuits will/can provide:
  • Transportation
  • Backpacks, Sleeping Bag, Tent and more
  • knowledge of the area (just ask James)
You will need to provide:
  • Personal Food for the Weekend
  • positive attitudes
Cost is $45

Mandatory Pretrip Meeting November 12th @ 5pm in the Student Center.

We will depart from the Student Center at 10am on Friday morning and return around 8pm on Sunday night. Don't let this opportunity to sample the awesome backpacking pass you by.

Contact Tim Rice to sign up

rice_t@hocking.edu or 753-6541