Monday, November 17, 2008

Mountwood Mountain Biking Trip Report

Sunday 11-9-08
The day started bright and early with a meeting in the parking lot at 8:30 a.m. We loaded up the trailer and headed on our way for a day of intense riding at Mountwood state park in the hills of West Virginia. After a short 45 minute drive we arrived at our destination. Everyone seemed more than eager to set out and see what WV had to offer. After a brief safety meeting we headed out to our first trail the collarbone, that would be the first leg of our 10 mile journey. Not long into our ride it seemed that people were dropping like flies, the leafy slick conditions of the trails made it quite an interesting ride and it seemed that keeping it on two wheels would be a problem. Trail conditions kept us down but not out, after a series of awesome falls and wipe outs lead by Wes H. shoulder checking a giant Oak tree, followed by Ryan W. coming in a little too hot around a corner, it seemed that wiping out would be unavoidable.

As our biking journey continued we came across some trial signs that made us second guess our location and we shortly found out that we had missed a turn or two. (NOTE: Printed internet Mount wood trail maps may not be totally reliable) After a short double back on a few trails we arrived at one of Mountwood's finest single track downhills "The Haystack". The trail was a great flowing downhill with good tight turns and rolling hills, besides the plethora of wipe outs and on going laughter this seemed to be one of the many highlights of our ride.
So we continued on the haystack over a super sketchy man made bridge (Which Wes also took a good fall on) and followed it back to the trail head to get some lunch. After lunch a few of us didn't quite get our fill of WV's sweet single track and decided to take a short 2 mile trail named Copperhead,which was a great end to an awesome trip!!

By: Shane West

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