Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cooper Climbing Day Trip Report - NOT!!

So. Back on October 29th we were supposed to take a day bouldering trip to the wonderful and majestic "Coopers Rock State Park", located in Wv. Well, on the morning of we found out that it wasn't going to be quite so wonderful, more so, it was supposed to be wet, cold, and really windy, with a chance of snow. That didn't sound so pleasant to the group of new climbers, so we opted to stay in Ohio and boulder in Athens for the day. The day started off great, we headed to Casa Nueva for an amazing breakfast to get pumped for a day of crushing. So with full stomachs and great weather we all set out for a day of bouldering around Athens. We started off at COAD with some warm ups on the warm up wall. After a few easy climbs we headed to "Fire in the Hole" an awesome v1+/2 problem with a nice mantle top out. After a few hours around COAD we decided to head over to the trailer park area. We started off at tilted trailer and some more warm up boulders, after another good warm up session we headed to commitment area, where one of Athens finest problems "Birds Nest" is located. After another good session there we headed over to "The Font " area. We took a detour and stopped at "Rodeo Dyno" for a couple goes, after everyones tips were good and shred from failed attempts we left it for another day and moved on. After a good dose of Athens bouldering we decided to call it a day and head back to home. Although we didn't make it to Cooper's we ended up with a great day of perfect weather and good climbs, all in all it was an awesome trip.Above: Shane on "Rodeo Dyno"

Above: Group standing around "The Font Area"...(Looks like theres more standing going on then climbing...those boulders aren't gonna climb themselves guys...You guys look like a "hangout" crew!!!!!

Above: Kevin going for the mantle on "Fire in the hole"

Above: Levi on "Rodeo Dyno"Above: Shane crushing a V6...wait no thats just "Tilted trailer" (beginners traverse)

Above: Kevin setting up for "Rodeo Dyno"

Hungry??? Try one of Athens finest restaurants Casa Nueva, visit them on the world wide webba at

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