Monday, November 28, 2011

Coopers Rock West Virginia

Coopers Rock State Park offers prime bouldering with a fairly short drive from Hocking College. On all employee learning day we get a break from classes and a chance to climb for the day. 8am hit and the crew loaded into the van to drop their books and drop their knees.
We arrived to the boulders just as the fog was lifting and the sun was peeking through the clouds' it looked like a promising day. Excited climbers busted the doors off the van wanting to go clim
b everything. Gear was dispersed and so were the people. All the returnees had a map planned out in their head for the day. Wh
at they wanted to climb and what projects deserved the most attention.
The day was great weath
er was nice and everyone was climbing to their potential. Afternoon was warming up more and the group headed to the moby dick area to tackle the famous V3. After a good burn session on some area boulders everyone was ready to call it a day and gathered around to watch some of our climbers work on fact or friction.
The p
roblem was literally crushed and ended
the day. Bloody fingers, weak legs, chalk pants, and pumped arms all scattered back to the van after a long day of climbing. Back on the road making a list of what we are going to send the next time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red River Gorge Fall Trip

As the sun rose Friday morning so did the climbers. 15 people eager to shred those tips on the finest sandstone east of the Mississippi, the Red River Gorge was calling. So we all loaded up and headed south but not without a quick detour to crush some dogs. Hotdogs that is, at Hillbilly Hotdogs in West Virginia. As you can tell Ben was pretty amp'd to fill his stomach with some tasty wieners.

When we were all filled up it was time to load up in the van and make it to the gorge before sunset, the trailer had other ideas. After blowing a tire and Shane ripping off 5 studs with his bear arms we surely we funked. But thanks to our friends at NAPA and some persuading we were back on the road and down at the Red in no time. Camp was set up and nightfall came as we waited for dawn to crush

way to Lady Slipper where a few people got to climb outside for the first time. The weather was great and so were the climbs so after a w
hole day of climbing tired climbers with empty stomachs made their way to Miguel s. Ale 8 ones and pizza filled the table briefly before it was devoured. A great evening by the fire with popcorn and mallows thanks to our new campsite neighbor was what we needed to prepare for another day of climbing.We woke up to a gusty sunny morning with high hopes to get on some high climbs. The group made their
A early morning came quick everyone was ready to climb. We made our way out to Left Flank for our last day of climbing. Everyone put up their hardest pitches and climbed till the pump arrived. Packed crags sent us
on a Hike to the top of Crescent Moon lookout. With views of the whole gorge everyone was impressed. Another quick dinner at Miguel's and the group was ready to head back to Ohio. Another fall trip to The Red River Gorge done, until next year.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disc Golf Course Closed

The Hocking College disc golf course will be closed July 7, 2011 through July 11, 2011.  It is closed in preparation and for the the Archery event for the International Bow Hunters Tournament.  For your safety the course will be closed during these posted times.  Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red River Wrap Up

After waking up to a groggy bit of climbers the morning of the 6th, we loaded what appeared to be gear for 20 people but only had 11 people in the van total. After dealing with a broken trailer socket on one van we switched to another and happily got ourselves on the road. After a stop at Hillbilly Hotdogs for some West Virginia and Taco Dogs we were back on the road to the beautiful Red River Gorge in Slade, Kentucky.

When we arrived we were expecting the campsite to have at least a few people there but it was empty. Everyone managed to get pristine camp spots right by the river. After unloading a few things we were geared up and ready to climb. After splitting into two groups we managed to collectively get around 4 pitches in before it got too dark. Seeing as we didnt get out to the climbs until 6 ish we called the day a win. After the first night of climbing it was time to prepare dinner. Everyone there ate well, but some ate like kings. Steak, stuffed mushrooms and grilled corn on the cob hit the spot after a short crush session.

Day two rolled around and everyone was up and around by 8 am, making breakfast and packing up gear, juiced to get on some rock. We decided to hit up Fortress and Phantasia walls to see what the climbing was like. After spending most of the day at these beautiful spots we rolled out and headed back to camp. Shortly after cooking dinner a small storm rolled through but was not anything too serious. Everyone turned in early to prepare for our last day of climbing.

We woke up slightly later than usual, around 930, because of light showers in the morning we decided to catch a little extra sleep. Then everything was loaded into the trailer and ready to head to our last climb of the day. We hit up Left Flank and Military Wall for our last climbs. Routes were set and sent as fast as humanly possible before we headed to Miguels for some post crush pizza. When everyone had their fill we all reluctantly loaded into the van and began our journey home.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spruce Knob & Seneca Creek Spring Backpacking Trip

Join Outdoor Pursuits as we explore the West Virginia Highlands. We will be in the Monongahela National Forest, traveling the trails of the Seneca Creek area and Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia. This 14 mile stroll in the Highlands will take you through groves of Spruce tree and mountain meadows. We will start at Spruce Knob and head down the mountain to meet up with the Seneca Creek. During the course of the... three days the Outdoor Pursuit staff will help you connect with mother nature and experience what this renown region has to offer. We will camp amongst the wild critters and sleep to the sounds of West Virginia's back-country.So join us in the woods!

Details:Cost: $55(This fee will cover everything except for your personal food)

April 15-17, 2011

Pre-trip meeting Tues. April 12th,@ 5:00 PM!

Departure from Student Center 1 pm on the 15th

For More Info or to sign upContact: Tim Rice

Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator 740-753-6541

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red River Gorge Climbing Trip May 6-8

The Red River Gorge is located in Kentucky and is a premiere climbing destination throughout the world. They have everything from beginner level climbing to ultra hard routes for any experienced climbers that want to come and push there limits. If you feel a little hesitant because you don't have any experience don't worry about it. We have all the knowledge and gear you need to go out and enjoy your weekend.

Notice: The total cost for the weekend is $45. This covers camping, transportation and camping and climbing gear usage, this doesn't cover food. You are responsible for you own food. We can however provide stove and cook wares.

Remember to bring extra money because you will make a stop at Miguel's pizza/gear store for a couple ale-8-ones and some dank pizza. This trip is sure to be a great one.

To sign up for this trip call Tim Rice at 740-753-6541 or email at

West Virginia Day Climbing/Bouldering Trip

So if everyone noticed, there are no day classes on May 4. So that means you should have time to come on a climbing trip with Outdoor Pursuits. We have a trip planned to Coopers Rock State Park in West Virginia. We will leave from the student center around 8:30 am on Tuesday morning and return late Tuesday evening after a day of "Grit Stone" climbing and stop for diner at Black Bear Burritos. We will be bring Hocking's crash pads so the you can hop on any boulder problem you want, whether it be "Twist da Hick", "Moby's Dick", or "Anti-Elvis" there is sure to be a problem for your liking. We can also supply climbing shoe and the O.P. staff will be there for the spot and positive words of encouragement.

If rain trys to bring us down we will figure something out so this trip is going no matter what. Cost:$10 and bring a little extra to get your burrito on!!!

So if you want to spend your day off on some gnarly boulders then give Tim Rice a call at 740-753-6541 or email at

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break in the Sauce (Arkansas)

Ropes, check, draws, check, 15 passenger van with a questionable trailer to pull behind, check. Everything was set, Saturday morning we embarked on a climbing trip that was sure to blow minds and finger tips. Soo Ill was a 7 hour drive and from Nelsonville and our first destination of climbing for this spring break and nothing was going to stop us. 12 people 1 van and a extended drive was broken up by a quick game of disc golf at Meade Olin park outside of Louisville KY. After throwing everyone piled into the van for the rest of the trip to So Ill, or so we thought. This quickly turned into a dead van, no trailer lights, and a extended picnic in a Wal Mart parking lot. After we gave the trailer a heavy dose of Kentucky fixin we got back on the road and arrived at So Ill around 3am. The moon was out and the boulders were clean so a late night bouldering session was priority for the antsy climbers. The next day was spent crushing at Jackson Falls and everyone had a blast. The weather was perfect all day and even into the night where everyone went out for another night climb session. Arkansas was only another 8 hours away and early the next moning we set off. The long drive was broken up by comical gas station stops, everyone learned vauable lessons like the diffrence between having just skills and having ninja skills and why we really sholdnt talk to strangers. When the van stopped we had made it, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. It had everything we dreamed of, sport climbing, bouldering, trad, and goats tons of goats. Routes were quicky being put up and boulders were being sent. The weather was fantastic, sun filled the canyon and made days of climbing enjoyable. The middle of the week came and some of us needed a rest day. People went hiking, played some disc golf, and others accidentally slept the day away outside only to wake up burnt to a crisp. Everyone climbed hard while at the ranch, some even reaching persnol goals they set for themselves. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch had some of the coolest climbing I had ever been on and a superb disc golf course. Saturday morning came too fast when we had to pack up and leave. Everyone was tired, soar, and some sunburnt but eveyone left smiling. This was one of the best OP trips I have been on and I think everyone whould agree. Now we are all back in ohio safe and sound with new friends and new goals. Spring break was a blast.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When the sun rose on Saturday morning so did 49 climbers with one thing on their mind, to crush at the 8th annual Cruxfest. The new holds from Rock Candy and So Ill were in and placed meticulously on the wall. The prizes were spread amongst the table like presents on Christmas morning, and groggy, tired little climbers started to arrive. 10:30am the scent of pancakes and old sweaty climbing shoes filled the air. This could only mean one thing, it was climb time. Everyone was stoked to get on their first route of the day. There was alot up for stake today including the title of King and Queen of Athens county climbing. Ohio University and Hocking College did a combined competition score so the contestant with the highest points in each division from both competitions would take home the title. Faces of excitement filled the room as each climber was lowered off of their climb. Everyone was having a awesome time and climbed as hard as they could. We climbed all the way through the afternoon and then some. When it came to the end the winners of the day were announced. Congrats to all the climbers and another huge thanks to all our sponsors.

1. Cody Mangan
2. Max Puterbaugh
3.Phillip Leuck

1.Kaitlyn Lipka
2. Carly Klose
3. Kelsie Bell


1.Chris Fisher
2. Cody Spurlock
3. Barry Kesler

1. Neysa Dominguez
2. Maria Farinacci
3. Taylor Bowling


1. Brooks Wenzel
2. Johnathan Wymer
3. Shay Rosser

1. Kate Cambell
2. Lydia McDonald

Mountain Khaki
Rocky Boots
Benchmade Knives
Rock Candy
Cliff Bar
Arbor Wear
So Ill
Rock & Ice
Tammys County Kitchen
Pita Pitt
The Peddler and the Packer
Mama Renie's

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

King and Queen of Athens County

This is a climbing points series event hosted by the Outdoor Pursuits programs of both Hocking College and Ohio University.  The idea is to make a combined event for both of the schools student climbing competitions.  The competitors will have to compete in both events to be eligible, their scores at each will be enter into the KoAC points series.   The KoAC will pay out to only the top male and female in each division(Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced).  The prize for 2011 will be a special edition printed chalk bag from Seagull bags of Columbus Ohio.  The bags are printed with custom artwork that reads either “King of Athens County 2011” or “Queen of Athens County 2011”

Standings after Ohio University's Rockstar Competition:

Men’s Recreational

Final Score

Cody Mangas

Phil Leuck

Matt Burger

Chris Wiehe


Women’s Recreational

Final Score

Samantha Banks

Katelyn Schlosser

Corey Thomas

Katherine Saltsman


Men’s Intermediate

Final Score

Will Zaylor

Kelby Dierkling

Erick Berendsen

Ash Bowersock

Cody Spurlock

Brandon Shafer

Justin Snyder

Alex Hileman

Austin Okey

Ryan Lima

Stephan Bartone

Dan Casey

Corey Zukie

Chris Madison

Charles Baker

Jake Knotts

Brian Krienbrink

Scott Creamer

Jake Brown

Ross Barry

Josh Minnich

Dan Mcglaughlin

Matt Mcwilliams


Women’s Intermediate

Final Score

Maria Farinacci

Neysa Dominguez

Taylor Bowling

Carrie Vieland


Men’s Advance

Final Score

Tim Rice

Louis Aden

Rick Cmar

Brooks Wenzl

Andy Rump

Ben Clemens

Steve Carnahan

Daniel Hermans

Travis Brenner


Women’s Advance

Final Score

Lydia Mcdonald