Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red River Gorge Fall Trip

As the sun rose Friday morning so did the climbers. 15 people eager to shred those tips on the finest sandstone east of the Mississippi, the Red River Gorge was calling. So we all loaded up and headed south but not without a quick detour to crush some dogs. Hotdogs that is, at Hillbilly Hotdogs in West Virginia. As you can tell Ben was pretty amp'd to fill his stomach with some tasty wieners.

When we were all filled up it was time to load up in the van and make it to the gorge before sunset, the trailer had other ideas. After blowing a tire and Shane ripping off 5 studs with his bear arms we surely we funked. But thanks to our friends at NAPA and some persuading we were back on the road and down at the Red in no time. Camp was set up and nightfall came as we waited for dawn to crush

way to Lady Slipper where a few people got to climb outside for the first time. The weather was great and so were the climbs so after a w
hole day of climbing tired climbers with empty stomachs made their way to Miguel s. Ale 8 ones and pizza filled the table briefly before it was devoured. A great evening by the fire with popcorn and mallows thanks to our new campsite neighbor was what we needed to prepare for another day of climbing.We woke up to a gusty sunny morning with high hopes to get on some high climbs. The group made their
A early morning came quick everyone was ready to climb. We made our way out to Left Flank for our last day of climbing. Everyone put up their hardest pitches and climbed till the pump arrived. Packed crags sent us
on a Hike to the top of Crescent Moon lookout. With views of the whole gorge everyone was impressed. Another quick dinner at Miguel's and the group was ready to head back to Ohio. Another fall trip to The Red River Gorge done, until next year.


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