Monday, November 28, 2011

Coopers Rock West Virginia

Coopers Rock State Park offers prime bouldering with a fairly short drive from Hocking College. On all employee learning day we get a break from classes and a chance to climb for the day. 8am hit and the crew loaded into the van to drop their books and drop their knees.
We arrived to the boulders just as the fog was lifting and the sun was peeking through the clouds' it looked like a promising day. Excited climbers busted the doors off the van wanting to go clim
b everything. Gear was dispersed and so were the people. All the returnees had a map planned out in their head for the day. Wh
at they wanted to climb and what projects deserved the most attention.
The day was great weath
er was nice and everyone was climbing to their potential. Afternoon was warming up more and the group headed to the moby dick area to tackle the famous V3. After a good burn session on some area boulders everyone was ready to call it a day and gathered around to watch some of our climbers work on fact or friction.
The p
roblem was literally crushed and ended
the day. Bloody fingers, weak legs, chalk pants, and pumped arms all scattered back to the van after a long day of climbing. Back on the road making a list of what we are going to send the next time.

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Tim said...

Whats up with the photos? I can only view two of them at a larger size.

nice post btw!