Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Break Twenty/Eleven

Arkansas Climbing Trip
March 19 - March 26
Cost: $225
Pre-trip Meeting March 15th at 5pm

It’s about time we start talking about our spring break trip. We have planned the most bodacious climbing vacation your minds can handle. Were headed to the Ozark Mountains to get aggro and send some sicky gnar gnar routes. On the way we’ll make a stop in SoIll and get nasty on Jason Kehl’s hometown pebbles.

We will leave on Sunday, March 19th at 9am sharp from the student center. After crossing Ohio and navigating the plains of Indiana we will find ourselves immersed in the gritty sandstone of Southern Illinois. After a night of listless sleep we will rise with the sun(O.K., not with the sun, but sometime after) and get to slapping the stone. We will spend that night there in SoIll.

The next morning will encompass a drive through Missouri and into the heart of the Ozarks. Upon arrival in Arkansas we will brace ourselves for the treacherous curves and steep hills that lead us to the Mid-western promised land called Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. This area was made famous by climbers like Chris Sharma and Fed Nicole are in more than a handful of climbing videos.

HCR, or the Shoe as it’s known by locals, boasts the best climbing between the divides. Everything from 5.6 and V0 al the way to V15 and 5.14a. So no matter where your skills lie, you can find it here in Arkansas. While there we may hit up another great spot, Sam’s Throne. This is a great sandstone and limestone area about 30 min from the Shoe.

I highly recommend this trip to the climbers that want to climb in the most beautiful place in America. To the ones that want the most aesthetic lines. To those that just want a rad experience. As someone that learned to climb in Arkansas I can assure you, this place will meet, exceed, and destroy any expectations you may have.

Now for logistics. There are two ways you can get on this trip. Both of which you must go through Tim Rice in SC202 to accomplish. You can either:
a) Take this awesome trip for the low cost of $225.
b) Take this rad adventure as a class and use financial aid.

Which ever you decide, you must see Tim Rice. He is the Gate Keeper and you are not Sigourney Weaver.

Included in the cost is:
All your camping and climbing fees.
2 meals a day. With the exception of food eaten while in transit.
Gas to get there.
Use of Outdoor Pursuits Equipment.

"The above is from the horse's mouth, the one, the only Ian"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mustach March 2011

Mustache March

It is time to enjoy the month dedicated to the upper lip hair. Mustache March is a month long event dedicated to the men (and a few special women). We will be holding a challenge to raise money and
food for the Athens County Food Bank. A Mustache...aka 'Moustache, stache, tache, tash, mo, nose neighbor, muzzy, lip fuz, flavor savor, is defined as hair above the upper lip. Nose hair blending into the 'stache is also ...considered part of the stache, though nasty.There will be different categories for all to enjoy.

Best of Show
Most Disturbing
Most Fitting
Dirtlip Award
Pre-Existing Condition Class

So grow out those stashes and buy yourself a small comb because the competition shall be fierce.

The Rules are posted below

Mustache March Rules:
1. All registered participants must be clean-shaven on March 1st, unless they are competing in the pre-existing condition class.

2. Facial hair of any variety is allowed until March 15th, after which point only a mustache is allowed. A mustache is defined as an island of hair that is at least 1cm (root to root) from the nearest body of facial hair. A mustache is an island. Get it? No isthmuses or peninsulas allowed.

3. Registered participants who shave off their mustache prior to judging, or those who refuse to obey to the "island" rule after March 15th are disqualified.

4. Participants will be subjected to a minimum of 2 photographs (before and after) during the course of Mustache March for documentation/humiliation purposes. Additional photography will be solicited. It is highly recommended that you comply to this solicitation for humiliation purposes.

5. Members wishing to compete for the Fakie Award must be present on April 1st at 4pm.

To Register
You will need to stop by the Student Center Front Desk on March 1st, between the hours of 7am and 5pm to have your photo taken.
• Clean Shaven (unless in the Preexisting Class)
• 2 cans of food or $2

For more information please contact:
Tim Rice or Nate Perez or
(740) 753-6541 or (740) 753-6537