Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break in the Sauce (Arkansas)

Ropes, check, draws, check, 15 passenger van with a questionable trailer to pull behind, check. Everything was set, Saturday morning we embarked on a climbing trip that was sure to blow minds and finger tips. Soo Ill was a 7 hour drive and from Nelsonville and our first destination of climbing for this spring break and nothing was going to stop us. 12 people 1 van and a extended drive was broken up by a quick game of disc golf at Meade Olin park outside of Louisville KY. After throwing everyone piled into the van for the rest of the trip to So Ill, or so we thought. This quickly turned into a dead van, no trailer lights, and a extended picnic in a Wal Mart parking lot. After we gave the trailer a heavy dose of Kentucky fixin we got back on the road and arrived at So Ill around 3am. The moon was out and the boulders were clean so a late night bouldering session was priority for the antsy climbers. The next day was spent crushing at Jackson Falls and everyone had a blast. The weather was perfect all day and even into the night where everyone went out for another night climb session. Arkansas was only another 8 hours away and early the next moning we set off. The long drive was broken up by comical gas station stops, everyone learned vauable lessons like the diffrence between having just skills and having ninja skills and why we really sholdnt talk to strangers. When the van stopped we had made it, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. It had everything we dreamed of, sport climbing, bouldering, trad, and goats tons of goats. Routes were quicky being put up and boulders were being sent. The weather was fantastic, sun filled the canyon and made days of climbing enjoyable. The middle of the week came and some of us needed a rest day. People went hiking, played some disc golf, and others accidentally slept the day away outside only to wake up burnt to a crisp. Everyone climbed hard while at the ranch, some even reaching persnol goals they set for themselves. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch had some of the coolest climbing I had ever been on and a superb disc golf course. Saturday morning came too fast when we had to pack up and leave. Everyone was tired, soar, and some sunburnt but eveyone left smiling. This was one of the best OP trips I have been on and I think everyone whould agree. Now we are all back in ohio safe and sound with new friends and new goals. Spring break was a blast.

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