Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red River Wrap Up

After waking up to a groggy bit of climbers the morning of the 6th, we loaded what appeared to be gear for 20 people but only had 11 people in the van total. After dealing with a broken trailer socket on one van we switched to another and happily got ourselves on the road. After a stop at Hillbilly Hotdogs for some West Virginia and Taco Dogs we were back on the road to the beautiful Red River Gorge in Slade, Kentucky.

When we arrived we were expecting the campsite to have at least a few people there but it was empty. Everyone managed to get pristine camp spots right by the river. After unloading a few things we were geared up and ready to climb. After splitting into two groups we managed to collectively get around 4 pitches in before it got too dark. Seeing as we didnt get out to the climbs until 6 ish we called the day a win. After the first night of climbing it was time to prepare dinner. Everyone there ate well, but some ate like kings. Steak, stuffed mushrooms and grilled corn on the cob hit the spot after a short crush session.

Day two rolled around and everyone was up and around by 8 am, making breakfast and packing up gear, juiced to get on some rock. We decided to hit up Fortress and Phantasia walls to see what the climbing was like. After spending most of the day at these beautiful spots we rolled out and headed back to camp. Shortly after cooking dinner a small storm rolled through but was not anything too serious. Everyone turned in early to prepare for our last day of climbing.

We woke up slightly later than usual, around 930, because of light showers in the morning we decided to catch a little extra sleep. Then everything was loaded into the trailer and ready to head to our last climb of the day. We hit up Left Flank and Military Wall for our last climbs. Routes were set and sent as fast as humanly possible before we headed to Miguels for some post crush pizza. When everyone had their fill we all reluctantly loaded into the van and began our journey home.

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