Monday, November 2, 2009

The Low Down On The Red River Gorge

On Friday, the 30th of October we started our adventure with the sun in the sky and all of our thoughts on the beautiful sandstone cliffs that we were heading to. Once we made it to West Virginia we realized that we all had a hunger about us. So we pulled in at the Hillbilly Hot Dogs restaurant and satisfied our hunger with some of the most delicious hot dogs on this side of the Mississippi. We had a couple of first timers with us and they were amazed by the high class style they have, and how the children's toy decor really ties the whole place together. But on a more serious note they were amazed at the crazy combinations of hot dogs they offer, also they loved the down home atmosphere. So once more we hit the road south bound for Kentucky. We arrived in the Red around four pm and set up camp, once we were all settled in we headed off to long wall to get a climb in before dark. Tim being a man that enjoys a casual trad experience put up a really aesthetic line called Autumn (now looking back i think i should have got on it.) Ian and I went down the wall to find some sport routs, when we cam across a really cool looking line called Back Door to Paris this was a really cool route with slopers and crimps all the was up. That was all the day was going to allow us to fit in before dark so we went back to camp. It started to get a little chilly without the sun so we made afire and drank some Ale 8 ones and talked about where we would climb tomorrow if the rain came. The rain came alright it came all night and until ten O clock the next morning. When we all got up we sat under the Noahs tarp fixing breakfast and drinking hot coffee looking at the guide book thinking of a good plan for climbing in this weather. After the rain stopped we all got ready and went and found some over hung stuff. The first climb we got on was called (up yonder 11b) it was a really good climb with good holds and a no hands rest. After that Louise and I got on a really cool 12a that was called (Strevels gets in shape) it was really bouldery in the start and then jugs on an over hang. Neither of us sent but it will be good to work next time. Then we went to 10 wall and climb some routes but nobody was really into it so we just went back to camp and chilled by the fire and ate dinner. when we arose the next morning the sun was shining and the temps were perfect. We dicided to go and see if there was anybody that was on (Creature Feature 5.9) and when we pulled up there was no one in site. This climb was sweet, we all got on it. After a good day of climbing we all thought that some Miguils pizza would be a great topper to this trip. So we packed up the van and headed over there to chow down. After filling our stomacs it was time to leave this majestic place and we all wanted to stay but new that we couldent, but we can always go back.

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