Monday, January 7, 2008

H.C.O.P. was at the Red

So back in the fall the H.C.O.P. took a group of 10 lucky students down to the amazing Red River Gorge to play on the Corbin sandstone. The fall temperatures were perfect allowing for the weekend to be an absolute send fest. We started out our trip with a great camping spot along the Red River that allowed us to settle down from the hustle and bustle of everyday chaos and to free our minds, getting ready for the following day.

We started off the following day with a short hike into Dip Wall where we stretched our fingers on “Green Eggs” and “Ham”, followed by a run up “Theodor Seuss Geisel”. After the stretch we mosey over “Whoville” and danced with “The Grinch”. We viewed “Sam I Am” and shook our fists and “Griptospuridiam”, with a few of us vowing to return with a little more spirit.

We rounded out the rest of the day with a stroll over to “Pebble Beach” and cruised “Arrow Head”. There were a series flashes on the short and sweet “Scabbies” and a few more on “Environmental Impact”. Little Tim even tried to slay the mighty beast “Brontosaurus” but was left hanging, in sad defeat.

The following day was spent at Lady Slipper on the tall and magnificent “Eureka” followed by our final run on “Father and Son”

Of course we concluded our trip with a stop at the best pizza place in the world. Miguels, need I say more!

Stay tuned and find about some of our other trips

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