Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Backpacking Trip 08

February 8-10 Wildcat Hollow Winter Backpacking Trip

Do you enjoy seeing and spending time in the Outdoors? If so then come spend the weekend with us exploring the scenic wonderland Of Burr Oak’s Wildcat Hollow trail, by backpack. We will travel light and cover short distances to be able accommodate any skill level of hiker. All you need to participate is a sturdy pair of boots, and the Outdoor Pursuits Staff can help you with the rest.
Wildcat Hollow Trail: The 15 mile Wildcat Hollow Trail is located within the Athens Ranger District of Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. Wildcat Hollow is a place where any hiker can venture through white pine plantations, open meadows, deep deciduous hardwood forests, quiet stream bottoms, rock outcrops and down old trails, overlooking miles of beautiful landscape. If you are quiet you might get a great opportunity to see some of the amazing wildlife that call this area home.

There will be a pre trip meeting on Monday 4th at 5:00 PM!
Stop by the Student Center to Sign Up!

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