Friday, February 15, 2008

Challenge Course Week Class

Back in the beginning of February we hosted a class to show students the ins and outs for challenge course operations. During the same event we ran new staff through the ringer of training and testing out for the course, it was a good time. We spent the weekend "learning the ropes" of Hocking Colleges course, see photos below of the weekend.Above: This individual was all smiles, all day long.

Above: Twins?

Above: Kevin , kept repeating, "I think this thing is broken". We were never sure what he was really talking about.Above: Remember to "screw down, so you don't screw up". The catch phrase of the day!

Above: The act of debriefing, aka; Mr . Patatoe Head
Our Next Ropes weekend class is spring quarter April 11-13, Course # GS170240. Shoot Tim Rice an Email if you have any questions.

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