Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Annual Fall Quarter Day Bouldering Trip

Its that time of the year again!Hocking College is having its yearly employee work day, and you know what that means. Hocking's Outdoor Pursuits annual fall quarter day bouldering trip! The plan for this year is to go bouldering in the great state of West Virginia. In this beautiful land of rolling hills, moonshine, and coal there lies two different destinations that will satisfy your hankering for a slopper slapin, crimp crushin good time! The first one is the New River Gorge. Where you can boulder in a unique setting (right on the business end of a dam) at Hawks Nest, where there lyes some classic boulder problems. The second place is Coopers State Park. Here is where you will get your adrenaline fix on some amazing highball boulder problems. So what if its raining? you may ask? Well we got that one figured out too. If theres some weather brewing in WV then we will pull down on some plastic at two indoor climbing gyms of your choice. One is Vertical Adventures located in Columbus Ohio, and the other is called Urban Crag in Dayton Ohio. Both of wich have all the climbing you could handle for one day.

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