Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NOW BEGINS AT 6pm as of June 1st
Hocking College Outdoor Pursuits
Disc Golf Doubles Night

Every Monday night at 6 pm sharp we will be hosting a doubles night. We will be playing best disc and partners will be chosen randomly the night of. All skill levels are welcome. Bring a friend and we'll see you Monday night.

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Bob said...

Hey guys and gals, I just saw the sign for your blog in the cafeteria and when I got back to my desk I checked it out. I'm very impressed -- this is such a great example of how a campus organization can use a blog to promote its activities, and even better because you have needed no help from the web services department (me)!

I've linked to your blog from the official Outdoor Pursuits page (

Are you using Google Analytics to see who is using the blog?

-Bob McPeak, Web Services Director