Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Climbing Competition In Review

On March 7th H.C.O.P held its held student climbing competition "Crux-Fest" at the student center climbing wall. The doors opened at 9am with climbers waiting to see what the setters had created. The coffee and fresh fruit managed to keep them at bay until the climbing began and with the presentation of the rules and sponsors they stepped forward to battle the plastic creations that were before them. It lead to an amazing showdown between the competitors, check the results below.


Advanced Men:

1st Place - Louis Aden
2nd Place - Mike Riesch
3rd Place - Dylan Proudfoot

Advanced Women:
1st Place - Kate Campbell

Intermediate Men:
1st Place - Levi Gilliland
2nd Place - Kevin Maille
3rd Place - Tyler Lucas

Intermediate Women:
1st Place - Jessica Wilbur

Beginner Men:
1st Place - Ryan Wheeler
2nd Place - James W.
3rd Place - Jesse Wilson

Beginner Women:
1st Place - Erica Wilbur
2nd Place - Kara Lucas
3rd Place - Collette Lauzau

Well done to all the climbers and a special thanks to the Sponsors of Hocking Colleges 6th Annual Climbing Competition.


The Pedaler and Packer
Mama Rienes Pizza
So Ill Holds
Mountain Hardwear
Benchmade Knives
Solution Rock Gym
Dead Point Magazine
Rock Candy Holds
Mountain Khakis
on Face Book too
Krogers of Nelsonville
Rock and Ice Magazine
Tammy's Country Kitchen
Nicros Climbing
Outdoor Source
Hocking College Book Store

Recap from Joel Yott eyes and fingers:

The competitors slowly started to show up the morning of the competition, but once they were all there, they were anxious to start climbing. All 29 competitors were sizing up their competition and the routes that were going to be climbing. It seemed that everyone was nervous about there last route they were going to climb.(I know I was ) The beginner category had four routes to climb, with the third route being the hardest. Each beginner gave it their best on the challenging third route, with on beginner reaching the top.(good job setters). The forth route was unique because it was located on the side of the ice wall, which was a first in Hocking College history. The intermediate category got to mantle the short wall with their 3ed route, which was a first for all the climbers there. This threw a little spice for the comp. the last intermediate route was very beta intensive, and it was cool to see all the climbers figure out the tough sequence one by one. The advanced climbers first route was on the arĂȘte about the door, which was another first for Hocking College, this was done so even the most experienced Hocking College rock wall climber, had a new part of the wall to climb. Their second route also mantled out the short wall, which made things interesting. The last two route in advanced were both stopper routes, with none of the competitors finishing either one, good job again setters. When all the climbers were done, we had a pull up competition while the scores were being added up. Once that was done the prizes were to be handed out, (THANKS SPONSORS) it seemed that everyone who showed up to climb walked away with something in there hands. All and all the competition was a huge success, with everyone having a blast enjoying the sport we all love.

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