Friday, January 7, 2011

Seven Springs Ski/Snowboard Trip

Need a way to go shred some snow this Winter quarter? Then come and get gnarly with us with a whole weekend of slope riding at a outdoor winter wonderland. Seven Springs has a 42 slopes for you to ride during our visit. They even have three terrain parks so you can put your skills to the test. Whether you are a boarder or skier, you are destined to have a great time on this winter trip.
Tired of staying at motels with sticky floors and a Continental breakfast with watered down orange juice? Me too, well we are staying at a baller bed and breakfast called Paddlers Lane B&B. This place has the hook up, no funky smells, no sketchy bed sheets, this place is legit.

You must be asking yourself, how do I sign up for the best time of my life?
All it takes is a call to this fellow named Tim Rice. Call him at 740-753-6541 or email him at Or Brady Trace at 740-753-6540 or email at

When: February 18-20
Where: Seven Springs Resort, PA
Cost: $160
This Includes: Transportation to and from
One day lift ticket (9am –7:30pm)
2 nights of lodging
@ Paddlers Lane B & B
2 Meals at the Bed and Breakfast

Does Not Include:
Skis($18) or Snowboard($29) Rental
Food during transit
Lunch and snacks at Resort

Check this place out its sick

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