Thursday, February 12, 2009

Urban Krag Climbing Trip Report

The eleventh day of this February was supposed to be a "employee learning day", this meant all students would have the day off to do as they please. Well mother nature came in a few weeks ago and decided she would cancel school and leave many without power. Due to the days missed by inclement weather the school decided to make everyone come to school on our "day off". Outdoor Pursuits had already (as usual) planned two fun filled trips for students on this day. One was to be a ski trip to WISP resort in Maryland. Mother nature again stepped in and decided to make some bad weather for skiing so we cancelled the trip. The other option was to head to Dayton for some indoor climbing at the URBAN KRAG. So many traded in their skies for climbing shoes and joined us for an incredible journey.
We set out on our way around 11am. The party consisted of Tim(Twins) Rice , Dan (the pescitarian) Newman, Joel (number 2) Yott, Shay (Rusty Blade) Rosser, Wes (Westicle) Hieb, Ryan (Prom King) Wheeler, Dustyn (w/ a Y) Whyte, Malia (The girl) Reimann, and myself (you can all me "Dragon"). With the van loaded with eager climbers and rancid climbing shoes we started our approach to the KRAG. As we made our way into Dayton the two local Daytonites in the back (Westicle and Prom King) feared for there lives as we ventured through a more "rough" part of town....they must be from the suburbs. The more we trekked on the more we began to doubt our faithful map quest directions. After asking a few passerbyers and getting some helpful directions we had made it there (with no help from the petrified locals).

The conditions of the Krag were beautiful, 50 ft colored walls, some slightly overhanging to vertical. Perfect hand cracks and finger cracks split walls and were begging to be climbed. So many climbs awaited we didnt know where to start. Rusty Blade and the Pescitarian were salivating to get a chance to get a nice dose of crack, and before anyone else could get tied in the pescitarian and his cut off short jean shorts were poetically making their way up the hand crack. As Twins and myself were in search of a good warm up number 2 was no where to be found, we could make a pretty good guess where he was seein how he had just consumed two cows and a pig that made up a Delicious baconator. Westicle and the Prom king started in the challenging boulder cave testing their skills on some technical problems. As the day progressed the temperature increased drastically , this however didnt stop us from pulling down just as hard. After roping up as many climbs as our fingers could handle we made our way back to the van. The van ride home was a challenge all in itself, our crew was hit with 70mph winds and rain making our trip home interesting. The spectacular driving instincts of number 2 and the pescitarian got us home safely from a great day at the KRAG.

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