Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Mt. Rogers and Back

What a Trip

Friday morning came so fast this past week and it was already time to load up the trailer with our backpacks and head on down the road on our journey to Mt. Rogers. We left around 10:30 and had a nice comfortable 5 hour drive ahead of us on a 75 degree beautiful sunny day. We had no problems until map quest suggested we go left and what they really meant is go right but beyond that no problems arriving at Massie Gap parking lot around 5:00 pm. It was beautiful out as we all got our packs loaded on our backs and began our walk in the woods.
We stopped for camp after only hiking for about a little over and hour and half into the woods. We camped with wild grazing ponies that night on top of the beautiful Wilburn Ridge. The views were definitely something I could get used to. Amazing! You could see in the distance the Smokey Mountains which was so beautiful. Well after stuffing our face and enjoying a nice fire we all packed it in and got a good night rest.
Saturday was very eventful to say the least. The morning was a little windy and a little chilly but that was the best part of the day which we didn’t know at the time. On our journey to summit Mt. Rogers, we ran into some fog in meadow with a nice cross rain that came and went every half hour. So there we were putting raingear on then taking it off to only put it right back on to take it off, which was a little frustrating. We came upon a beautiful shelter along the famous Appalachian Trail which was named Thomas Knob shelter. It was a very nice little hut in the middle of the woods, if I would have to say so. Right behind the shelter was a natural spring where we all refilled our water containers, dropped our packs with T.J. and went to summit the Mountain. There is absolutely no view from the summit of Mt.Rogers, but you get a good feeling to know that you have been to the highest point in the state of Virginia. The rest of the afternoon was filled with rain. The fog got so heavy at one point in the scales which is a big meadow, the visibility was down to 50 feet. Exciting!
Thanks to David, Dennis, and T.J. for an awesome fire to dry some of our wet clothes during the time it was raining was awesome. We set up our camp right along a really nice creek bed which was very peaceful during the great storms of a little mixture of rain and hail. The rain would continue through out the night in 2 hour intervals. Most of us were able to stay warm and dry which was a nice and for the ones that weren’t so lucky it wasn’t so nice. Saturday was very eventful. Thanks to TJ’s tarp shelter most of us were able to cook our dinner where it was at least a little dry. After dinner most of us didn’t take much time getting to the tent and closing in for the night.
Sunday we had a nice hour hike back to the parking lot wrap up our loop for the weekend. What a great weekend. Memories were definitely made and shared that weekend. To top off the trip we stopped a t a Pizza Hut in Wytheville for a nice pizza buffet to fill our bellies for the 5 hour drive back to good old South East Ohio.

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